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1513 Scalp Avenue | Johnstown (East Hills Plaza)

About Us

About Us

Joe Goss Karate School was opened in Johnstown in 1974 by Master Joe Goss, Sr. The school specializes in Tang Soo Do style karate, a traditional Korean form of martial art for children, teens, and adults. Techniques from both Hapkido and Judo are also utilized.

- Master Goss Sr., 9th degree Black Belt, and head instructor. 
- Master Joe Goss Jr
., 8th degree Black Belt instructing.

The combined experience of these two Masters totals over 90 years of martial arts excellence! Your training, therefore, is unparalleled in Johnstown or the surrounding area! More than 6000 students have trained at the Joe Goss Karate schools with more than 600 of those students reaching the rank of black belt. That is quite a testament to the excellence, experience, and expertise you will find here.

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Master Joe Goss, Sr.


Master Joe Goss, Sr. began training in both Judo and Karate at the age of 14. While in the Air Force, he trained in Los Angeles, California under the world famous Karate Master Hidetaka Nishiyama. He then went to Germany where he was the chief instructor of both Judo and Karate at Bitburg Air Base.

Upon his return to Johnstown in 1970, Master Goss taught martial art classes at the YMCA until he opened his own school.

A Ninth Degree Black Belt with over 50 years martial art experience, Master Goss studied Tang Soo Do and Hapkido under Grandmaster C.S. Kim for over 40 years. On May 20, 1995, Master Goss was awarded "Martial Artist of the Year" by the election committee of Korean Grandmasters. He is the first non-Asian to receive this most prestigious honor.

Grandmaster C.S. Kim and Master Goss are co-authors of "Authentic Tang Soo Do", published in 1998. Joe Goss Sr. and Joe Goss Jr. were featured in the Traditional Tang Soo Do magazine: fall 1996. Master Goss was vice president of the International Tang Soo Do Federation for more than 2 decades, and he is now President of Tang Soo Do Unlimited.


Master Joe Goss, Jr.


Master Joe Goss Jr. began training in Tang Soo Do at age six. He earned the rank of First Degree Black Belt at age nine. At age 19 Master Goss Jr. earned the rank of Master (4th Degree Black Belt), at that time he was the youngest person ever awarded the rank of Master in the International Tang Soo Do Federation.

Master Goss Jr. was an assistant instructor at his father's karate school at the age of 13. By age 18 he was the sole instructor of a credit course at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. In 1995, Master Goss Jr. opened his own school in the Richland area of Johnstown.

During his 40+year martial art career, Master Goss Jr. has competed in many tournaments locally, nationally, and internationally. He has won innumerable first place and grand champion trophies. In 1992 he coached the sparring team from the Joe Goss Karate School which took the 1st place trophy at the International Tang Soo Do World Tournament held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Master Goss Jr. was promoted to the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt in 2019 by Joe Goss Sr, President and Founder of Tang Soo Do Unlimited. Master Goss Jr. is now the Vice President of Tang Soo Do Unlimited

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1513 Scalp Avenue (East Hills Plaza)

Johnstown, PA 15904